Yo habría preferido Bender… [Otro test más]

You’re Fry!

You scored 58 slurminess!

Did you hear the one about Star Jones and the lumberjack…

You’re most like Fry!

You’re probably the laid back jokester! You know how to have a good time and keep things light. People think you’re hilarious. Your favorite activites include eating and sleeping.

Unfortunately you also tend to be lazy, and a little bit «slow» at times. Whaaaaa…..?

You scored higher than 32% on slurminess

Link: The Which Futurama Character R U? Test written by curtschilling38

3 opiniones en “Yo habría preferido Bender… [Otro test más]”

  1. Me ha salido lo mismo: You’re Fry! … en fin… imagino que si hubiera visto algo mas que un par de capitulos de Futurama le vera algo ms de sentido…

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