The web was once a driver of innovation. The web is now the obstacle of innovation. Web development requires mastery of the workaround. You can't work around security
YUI Theater: Douglas Crockford, “Web Forward”

Estaba yo mirando la presentación Web Forward de Douglas Crackford y el ‘pepeté’ me ha parecido lo suficientemente interesante como para extraer unas cuantas diapos y colgarlas aquí. Sus opiniones sobre los estándares web están muy en línea con lo que comentaba Molly Holzschalg en A List Apart, con el artículo Three Circles of Hell que tradujimos por aquí hace unos días (y con las mías, claro, pero algo me dice que mi opinión sobre el tema no es tan relevante como la suya…).

How Do We Move the Web Forward?

Browser War! Never again.

The Web Depends on standars. Openness is hugely attractive. The standards are bad. In order to change the web, we must change its standards

A revision to a standard is an act of violence. Surgery. Pain. Injury. Inconvenience. Users of web standards cannot opt out.

Not only are the web's standards broken, the web's standards process is broken.

Design by Comittee. Porkbarrel standards making.

Minimalism should be highly valued in standards. Committees are not good at minimalism.

The standards process is entertaining too much speculative technology.

A standards process must be risk averse. Once an error gets into a standard, it can be virtually impossible to get it out.

The Dilemma: Good Standards happen slowly and our need is urgent. The web standards are currently frustating progress and endangering everyone who uses the web.

Web Time used to mean <em>really fast</em>. ECMAScript 3: 1999. HTML 4.01: 1999.

Browser <strong>War</strong>! We need a Broser War!

The only thing worse than where we were is where we are.

Bring It On. It turns out that Browser War is a good thing. It introduces chaos into the marketplace. Most of the cost of that chaos is borne by web developers and users. The market is generally better than self-selected committees in determining the value of things.

The marketplace must be more effective this time in punishing bad behavior.

Innovation should happen in research laboratories, startups, and forward-looking companies. Not in Standards bodies.

Standards should have a conservative process that documents the best of what has been proven useful.

The drafting of standards is difficult, important business.

Standards should not be inventions. Standards should be agreements. Standards should work.

We should also be looking past the Web. The web was a disruptive technology. The Web needs to be disrupted.

Para los que tengáis el tiempo disponible, el vídeo de la presentación (que, insisto, ‘vive’ aquí):

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