Los tuits de la semana (51.2)

Seguimos con el bombardeo de tuits atrasados… Hoy, más cosas de diseño y desarrollo web

Demos y ‘making of’

el iPod de primera generación, rehecho… en HTML, CSS y JavaScript o.O http://obm.as/SCu81s

iPhone 5 website teardown: How Apple compresses video using JPEG, JSON, and <canvas> http://obm.as/S7msnB

los juegos HTML5 de Atari/Microsoft… se crearon con Flash y CreateJS http://j.mp/NOWCoV


The Current State Of Remote Debugging For Mobile Remote… http://obm.as/WkELpP

RT @martuishere If you still think responsive design is not ready for big sites, check the new http://microsoft.com, and think again ;)

RT @iheni Listen up mobilistas: top article by @dstorey on how the rest of the world view your site. iOS is not the only fruit http://tmblr.co/ZtkSywTI2QYZ

RT @softmodeling RT @jgfanjul: Standards for Web Applications on Mobile: current state and roadmap. http://www.w3.org/2012/08/mobile-web-app-state/

.@brucel on the publication of Editor’s draft of the <picture> element http://j.mp/Q3TGD2

RT @brucel HTML Responsive Images Extension http://bit.ly/SO4JkR (I’ve got a little tear welling up: http://bit.ly/uSVw0A) #html5

#javascript Remote Debugging on Firefox for Android http://j.mp/MZAtnv

*muy* bueno: Beyond Media Queries: Anatomy of an Adaptive Web Design (by @brad_frost) http://j.mp/OXxv0A


Responsive Images With WordPress’ Featured Images (Smashing Mobile) http://obm.as/VekB1e

¿cómo no me habíais informado de la existencia de Debug Bar para WordPress? http://obm.as/UTeONn

Theme-Check. A simple and easy way to test your theme for all the latest standards and practices http://obm.as/TYOIGq

…y estándares

The Page Visibility API lets you know when a webpage is visible or in focus http://obm.as/SqfdsO

W3C Unveils Plan to Finish HTML5 in 2014 (Webmonkey) …y escindir un HTML 5.1… http://obm.as/Uu4wUG

Adobe’s CSS Shaders Now an Official Web Standard (Webmonkey) http://obm.as/TWl4lb

A List Apart: Learning to Love the Boring Bits of CSS (rems, vh, nuevas pseudoclases…) http://j.mp/PzmNxA

Mandatory reading: RT @brucel: My piece on @thepastrybox today is called «on sausages and standards»: http://bit.ly/QpwPCp

En fin. Suficiente por hoy. Mañana acabamos con los «tuits weberos»…

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